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Dr. Christina Pruitt grew up in a small town in western Nebraska with a passion for helping people. She believes that doing the right thing for patients and treating everyone like they are her family is the only way to go. Dr. Pruitt’s contagious smile, energy, and enthusiasm for dentistry will put anyone at ease. Her highest priority is creating healthy, beautiful smiles in a relaxing and calm environment. You will feel and see her thoughtful approach to treatment plans. Dr. Pruitt’s genuine care and concern will immediately let you know you made the right decision by choosing All Smiles Family Dentistry – The best family dentistry in Omaha!


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All Smiles Family Dentistry
All Smiles Family Dentistry3 days ago
All Smiles Family Dentistry
Composite bonding to close a large black triangle. 1 appointment, all additive -- happy patient 🙂
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All Smiles Family Dentistry
All Smiles Family Dentistry7 days ago
Happy Memorial Day!
We are closed today to honor and remember those who sacrificed for our country.
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All Smiles Family Dentistry
All Smiles Family Dentistry1 week ago
All Smiles Family Dentistry
Purple reign 💜

We love using e.max from @ivoclar to create our strong, beautiful implant restorations. 💪🏻

For our patient audience: These crowns are baked and turn white! No, we don’t cement a purple tooth 🤣. They’ll be custom stained and glazed to match your other teeth. 🎨

Form, function, esthetics. ✔️✔️✔️

Call us for your custom implant crown today 402-502-7000 📲