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Achieving AACD Accreditation: My Journey and What It Means for My Patients

Achieving AACD Accreditation: My Journey and What It Means for My Patients

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry upholds the highest medical, aesthetic, and ethical standards in cosmetic dentistry. Pursuing accreditation is voluntary — and the process is exceptionally challenging. AACD accreditation isn’t for everyone. You don’t need to achieve AACD accreditation to be an excellent cosmetic dentist.

However, those who undertake the journey often describe it as an opportunity to gain superb mentors and friends, achieve a high-level education, and ignite a burning passion for the cutting edge of dentistry. Some even call becoming AACD accredited self-actualization — when they receive this prestigious accreditation, these dentists feel they have reached their full potential.

Achieving AACD Accreditation: My Journey and What It Means for My Patients

So, that’s what AACD accreditation means for dentists. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t also seek recognition and respect, but that’s not why I chose to begin the process. It’s all about my patients’ ability to know they’re getting the best possible treatment.

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Becoming AACD Accredited: A Journey of Excellence

Becoming an accredited American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member is a four-step process requiring your full attention. It often takes an excellent cosmetic dentist two to three years to become accredited. This time is devoted to further education and requires candidates to demonstrate meticulous attention to detail and a total commitment to meeting the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s rigorous standards.

Once a dentist becomes an AACD member, the rest of the accreditation process unfolds in these four stages:

  • Step 1 requires cosmetic dentists to take two workshops and pass the rigorous written examination.
  • Step 2 in the AACD accreditation process calls on dentists to submit a series of clinical cases to prove their excellence in cosmetic dentistry, covering areas like smile design, tooth color, alignment, and shape. Dentists have two opportunities to submit their clinical cases every year, in June and November.
  • Step 3 is a challenging oral examination. Candidates are invited to highlight their treatment planning and casework strategies and are asked in-depth questions. Dentists taking this step must have attended scientific sessions.
  • Step 4 marks the end of this journey, the point at which the cosmetic dentist finally becomes accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry — meaning recognition as a top professional in the field.

Membership confers access to ongoing professional development — including a prestigious AACD fellowship — and networking. These exciting opportunities are reason enough for dentists to strongly consider pursuing AACD accreditation, but what does it mean for patients?

What AACD Accreditation Means for Patients

Patients who choose AACD-accredited dentists know they are working with an exceptionally-skilled cosmetic dentist who will give them a perfect smile. They don’t have to worry whether they are making the right decision and know they are in good hands from the very start.

Not only does AACD accreditation mean excellence in cosmetic dentistry, including advanced techniques, but it also denotes a dentist passionate about ongoing professional development. AACD-accredited dentists offer the best results in the industry and are the first to embrace cutting-edge treatments with innovative results.

Patients can trust AACD accreditation whether they’re interested in bonding, orthodontics, dental veneers, tooth whitening, or other areas of cosmetic dentistry.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry doesn’t just stand for excellent medical standards, after all, but also for a strict code of ethics. Patients who choose an AACD-accredited dentist can trust that they always receive the best guidance in their unique situation and won’t be left with any unanswered questions about their care.

Patients who choose cosmetic dentistry pursue perfection. That’s an ambitious step but also often a scary one. When your smile is at stake, there’s a lot to consider. It’s only right that cosmetic dentists give their all to meet their patients’ high standards through ongoing and rigorous professional development.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry accreditation is more than a box to tick. It’s a promise. A promise to patients that they’re not just getting “a dentist” or “a dentist who performs cosmetic procedures.” AACD-accredited dentists have chosen to walk a challenging path to ensure they are the best modern dentistry has to offer in a responsible way. AACD accreditation marks the end of a long journey, and it’s that undertaking to reach the perfection that patients place their trust in.

Is AACD Accreditation Your Next Step?

AACD accreditation isn’t for the faint of heart. This badge of excellence has to be earned, after all. Discerning patients across the country place their trust in the AACD, however, and in taking the journey towards accreditation, they can rightfully place their trust in you, too.

I’m undertaking this step so that my patients will always know they receive the excellent care they deserve. What about you?

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