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iTero Digital PracticeNo More Gagging on Mouthfuls of Goop!

All Smiles Family Dentistry utilizes the latest technology for digital impression-making. We use the iTero 5D element scanner. This scanner is able to do 3D digital dental impressions with the wave of a wand, similar to an electric toothbrush. It also takes high-resolution photos and has cavity-detection technology!

We believe that staying up to date on technology is imperative! By using digital impression technology, we can offer so much more for our patients. Every new patient receives a digital impression to keep in their record when they first come to our clinic. Having a digital record of the teeth at baseline allows us to archive data that we can draw on at a later date.  We can:

  • Monitor and measure ongoing wear and tear down to a tenth of a millimeter.
  • Recreate a broken tooth due to trauma.
  • Educate and discuss treatment plans with patients using actual photos.

Digital impressions also eliminate wasted time in shipping so we can get cases to our laboratories faster and more efficiently.

With traditional impressions, you had to worry about that goopy impression material and your gag reflex. With this digital technology, you can forget about conventional impressions. To get your impressions using the iTero 5D element scanner, we simply take a digital scan of your teeth and receive digital images instantly to keep in your record.

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