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What to Know about Crystal or Diamond Teeth Gems

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Tooth gems, especially those featuring diamonds and crystals, are becoming increasingly popular with influencers. The mounting interest in this cosmetic dental surgery is surging around the world’s fashion capitals, from London to Paris and New York.

Celebrities like Katy Perry, Hailey Bieber, and TikToker Charlier D’Mielio show off their tooth gems publicly and frequently on social media. Are you considering getting a tooth gem? Here’s what to know about crystal or diamond teeth gems.

What are Crystal or Diamond Teeth Gems?

A tooth gem is a form of dental bling, much like the “grill” was a decade ago. It brings together teeth and jewelry, and is incredibly popular cosmetic dentistry within trendy and fashion-forward circles.

Teeth gems are also a cultural rite for some Asian women, particularly in Indian culture. The process involves bonding precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, or crystals to your teeth. Unlike a temporary grill, the tooth gem is more permanent but does not damage the tooth.

Types of Gems:

Teeth gems are usually made from crystals, diamonds, or other precious gems. They can come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, allowing for individual customization.


The gems are typically applied using dental adhesive. The process is painless, non-invasive, and doesn’t cause damage to the teeth if done correctly. The tooth is first cleaned and dried, then the gem is glued to the surface. It’s essential to have a professional do this to avoid any potential harm to your oral health.


Tooth gem implants can last for two to three years without coming loose. You can expect the gem to fall off if the tooth sustains impact or trauma. The longevity of results from this semi-permanent cosmetic dental procedure depends on a few other factors.

  • The bonding material used in the procedure.
  • The condition of the patient’s tooth before bonding the gem.
  • The patient’s oral hygiene routine.

Fitting a tooth gem is considered a low-maintenance procedure, and you don’t have to do anything to preserve it.


If you decide you no longer want the gem, it should be removed by a professional. The removal process is typically simple and does not damage the tooth.

Oral Hygiene:

With a teeth gem, you can still brush and floss normally, but you need to be careful not to dislodge the gem. It’s also important to maintain regular dental check-ups to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy.


When done professionally, teeth gems are generally safe. However, as with any body modification, there are risks involved, including potential choking hazards if the gem becomes loose and is swallowed, damage to the enamel if the gem is improperly applied or removed, and potential for tooth decay under or around the gem if oral hygiene is not properly maintained.


The cost of teeth gems can vary widely depending on the type of gemstone and the professional doing the application. It could range anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars.

An Overview of the Tooth Gem Implant Procedure

Implanting a tooth gem isn’t as complicated as you might expect. Let’s unpack it to give you an idea of the process.

Assessment & Consultation – The patient schedules their consultation with a qualified and experienced dental professional. The dentist examines your teeth and determines if your teeth are healthy enough for the procedure. The dentist also helps you find the right gemstone to suit your style.

Preparing the Teeth – The dentist cleans the teeth before the procedure. They polish the tooth enamel to ensure an optimal bonding process.

Gem Bonding – The dentist applies the dental adhesive material to the tooth’s surface. They fit the gemstone to it and secure it in place. The dentist finishes using a curing light to set the stone in place. In total, it takes around 15 to 20 minutes for the procedure, and there’s no need for an anesthetic.

Post-Care – After completing the procedure, the dentist runs the patient through their post-care program. They’ll give you brushing tips to prevent your get from coming loose. It’s important to maintain good standards of oral hygiene to avoid tooth staining if you ever have the gem removed.

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